Fantasy thoughts.

That fantasy in your head that you can never explain to anyone for fear it won’t be up to snuff.  The ones you have had for so long that you just can’t share.

So right at the begining when the imp first raises its head you would hear something like…

  • Don’t even think about it.
  • I’m watching you.
  • Do not test me.
  • Are you looking for a spanking?
  • Do it again and see what happens.
  • Do I have to come over there?
  • You’re going the right way for a smacked bottom.
  • I’ll spank you in front of all your little friends, just see if I don’t (Professor D)

The preperation.

  • I want your nose in that corner until I am ready to deal with you.
  • Get those trousers (or skirt) down and bend over that bench (sofa, chair, table etc).
  • Come right over here and stand next to me.
  • Go and fetch the strap (other implement).
  • When I come back I expect your bottom in the air. (If over a bed or something).
  • Come here this minute, don’t make me come get you.
  • We’ll deal with this at home (if you/he are out)
  • When I get a hold of you…
  • This is your one chance to confess.
  • Is there something you want to tell me?
  • Get out there and cut me a switch.
  • What did I say would happen?
  • You had better peel a ginger finger!

The action.

  • You were warned.
  • I told you this would happen.
  • Push that bottom up/out
  • Get those legs apart.
  • Bend over, right over.
  • Do not move.
  • Stay down.
  • This is your own fault.
  • This will teach you.
  • That ginger stays in there till I say so!
  • Get in that corner with your backside on show, I want to see my handiwork.

I am sure there are others and I am sure I won’t be alone in squirming when reading this.

But what if like me you are awful at role-play? In my head I have him calling me to him and asking why he has had a phone call from XYZ about my behaviour or something I have or haven’t done.    That I can work with because it would be something so outrageous like stealing a boat or a lipstick or getting a ticket …..and then I can just act on the fly.


Thanks to those who helped me with this.


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