Dear Santa …..


Dear Santa.

I know you’ve been really busy this year, I’ve seen you everywhere.





It’s good that you have a speedy way of getting around.







It must take you forever to track down everyone’s presents.








Anyway, for my present this year I don’t want a cane…unless its one like

<< these.




I’m sure you’re helpers could help you with my present this year.

All I want this year is …..







For you to take a well-earned rest.

Put your feet up.






And if you have time could you sort

<<< this out?



Thanks Santa.

You’ll find me on the Nice list.


No that’s not it Santa.

Aww you always say that!

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3 thoughts on “Dear Santa …..

  1. Funny, Jay, and very adorable. Happy Christmas to you, young lady.

  2. Jay Walker

    Thanks Proff, and to you n yours.

  3. Jay i cannot gt on Britishpanking .com chatrooms to talk to you and the others thereis says flash needed but i have this please could you mention this to a mod there ,i am a supporting member now ,love spanks ,tim botspanks xx

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