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Ok I’m confused.

Since I mentioned Phil, no I have to explain first.

Phil has never lied to me and he has never hurt me unless I asked him to.

There are lots of other women who go to men just to be spanked, its as common in the spanko world as people who get spanked by their partner. And what about those spanko parties? People get spanked by other people that they may or may not have met before.
How is what I am doing with Phil so different?

Yes Phil writes spanking fiction, and yes he likes to spank women, big deal.

He always uses his real name. And when I go to see him its in his real house where he really lives. If he was going to ‘hurt’ me would he use his real name or take me to his real house.
He knows that I like to be spanked and sometimes need to be spanked and guess what….. that is all we do.
There is no sexual contact!
We talk about films and other stuff, we have coffee and maybe a alcoholic beverage with lunch.
I call him Uncle Phil because other wise I would call him Sir all the time.

Phil is one of my friends. I don’t have many friends, I mean real friends outside of the Internet world, in fact I can count my real friends on one hand.

When I go to see Phil I tell my parents exactly where I am going (not why, they wouldn’t understand) in case anything does happen.

But you know what?
Nothing will happen!!
Phil would never hurt me!!!!!
I trust him.

I’m not saying that you should trust him to, how could you? None of you know him.
I respect your opinions and I appreciate you caring about me.
What I don’t like is the way that the comments about my relationship with Phil, hurt. Yes they hurt.
Especially when some of the comments have an ‘I told you so’ factor about them.
Do you really think that I am stupid enough to allow someone to spank me if I had not checked him out first?

I have taken down my ‘count down clock’ and I removed the paragraph in yesterdays post about my next spanking.
I’m not sure If I am going to post anything about any future spankings, with anyone.

All I ask is that in future (ie after today ), if you have concerns about any of my relationships, would you please email them to me and not post them in the comment box?

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Whats up with Jflame?

Friends, Americans and countrymen/ladies, lend me your …umm…er….
Awww flipping heck, I can’t remember it.
Anyway, Uncle Phil sent me this pic. Should I ever go to America he thinks that I should have this on my number plate.
I don’t think so! Too much attention!

I am working on the next chapter of my Hogwarts Fic.
Harry will come under fire again… I really don’t like him much…I can’t kill him off but I can make his life unbearable.

I love storm’s and lightening!

Just like I love my new job.
I won’t be talking about it much on here because it involves working with children and I would rather no one from work found this site.
I fit in well there and I am happy.
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