All’s well

Well, just a quick note to thank all those who sent regards regarding my mam.

She’s had the opp and is home and is recovering and driving me nuts.  unfortunately this means that most of my time is spent looking after her so my online time is seriously affected, hence the delay on this post and its shortness.

I’m ok, if a little tired. Worzel’s done his back in but he’ll be ok.

Peace out and love to all.

Jay xx

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3 thoughts on “All’s well

  1. Happy to hear your mom is doing well Jay.

    Take care.


  2. Hey Jay… it’s me, Tiggs. Glad your mum’s OK… hope you are, too. Am worried about Dante and trying to find out when anyone’s heard from him. The little guy hasn’t heard from him in nearly a month and since then, his birthday past and little guy sent e-card but still no response. Family and friends haven’t heard anything either and he’s not answering or returning phone calls. PLEASE email me if you get this and let me know when you last heard from him. Very worried!

    Tiggs (emailremoved)

  3. Good news that your mother is doing well. Good luck.


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