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Welcome to Jay Walker’s Blog.

victorian school room.

Victorian school room.

So welcome to my WordPress blog.

Yes, this photo is the same as the one in the header, I took it last year.

I wanted to post it on Google but it wouldnt let me. Thank god WP does.

I’m still working out how to use this new site so bear with me through the changes.

I will also be adding more to¬† my ‘About Jay Walker’ page, and Worzel is a co-author here so this will be interesting for me, i dunno about you lot.

I will be doing a post on my latest venture, I just have to work out what exactly I am going to say, and I think a photo of me in my school uniform wouldnt hurt either.

Ok, Jay signing out.

love to Worzel.

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genral update time again.

Yes yes I know I have not been very vocal with my journey of late.
I have been quite busy with work and some r/l stuff that just wouldnt leave me alone.

So what have I been up to lately?
Well quite alot of this.
<< I have been very tired lately and have been napping during the day.
I am still trying to put on weight (so hard) and I am managing the drinking quite well I think.
I haven’t really felt like posting..which isn’t like me.
Things in the spanking relm are going very well.
I do still get semi regular spankings but it is limited because of both our real lives.
I’m spending a fair amount of time at WFF which is great fun because its so new.
Its always nice to meet new people and to make new friends.
I’m still spending alot of time at British Spanking because the people on this site are the same that I meet at the spanking parties and munches.
And the last place that I hang out at regually is The Professor’s site/blite/blog or whatever he is calling it this week.
Ummm… anything else?
Oh I have been on a first aid course for the last two days and have now completed and passed that (phew).
I can’t think of anything else at the moment.
I promise to try and get something more interesting up in the next few days.
Love to Worzel xx

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