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General round up and hopes for 2010

zzzzzzzzzz christmas!

Worzel is in this color.

So Christmas is over and this is exactly how I feel.  With my huge family and my lovely house guest I was and am quite knackered.

I’m looking forward to trying out the handcuffs that saffron bought me for Christmas, not sure about the other pressie though saff lol.

Worzel: I also look forward to using the handcuffs, and with jay blindfold. This probably comes in the sensual category – see below. I have no idea what other pressie is. Subbie wont tell so I will wait and see.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my relationship with Worzel. It has definitely moved up a notch, if the flogging post is anything to go by. I am excited to see what the new year brings. Theres things that I would like to try, and theres things that Worzel wants to do too.

Worzel: Our relationship has moved on more than just a notch. Flogging jay was intimate and extremely sensual. I look forward to more adventurous exploring. And yes, there are things we both want to do!!

Limits – Something we have been meaning to do but it kept being put on hold. We want to find out my limits with different implements (ugh I hate that word, I’m gonna say toys instead), like how much I can take of the hand, belt, tawse (must get a new tawse), cane etc.  We think its important to do this, its important for the Dom/Top to know his subbie’s limits and also for the subbie to know, But I’m curious and also a little afraid of doing this.

Worzel: I fully intend to explore jay’s limits very soon. This is something I am particularly keen to do, and have put off for too long. The time has never ‘been right’ for reasons various, but I will ensure we make time.

Role play – We want to try this again. The few times we have tried it didn’t really work as planned.  Also I really want to do a school one, with a real lesson. Oh and one where we go to a National Trust house and I have to really pay attention to detail and stuff cos Worzel will test me when we get home. Like a field trip I guess.

Worzel: I agree with jay, roleplay is something we shall focus on as I am certain it will give us both a lot of pleasure. As for ‘field trips’, we shall get round to it.

Sensual – There will definitely be more of this, after that session with the flogger I defiantly want more lol. I want to explore my sensual side more anyway, just to see what makes me tingle.

Worzel: I most definitely agree jay’s comments about the sensual stuff. The session we had with the floggers was fantastic and we both want so much more!!

Submission – Worzel doesnt know about this one, guess he will now. I am Worzels subbie and I want to explore my submissive side. I don’t know how to start with this one though, I mean I already do as he says (mostly) I just want to see the other ways that I can submit to him.

Worzel: This is an area we have not discussed, so you will have to wait until later postings to learn how we progress.

Hairbrush – I’m not ready for this yet, but I know Worzel want’s to help me get over my fear. Actually fear is the wrong word, phobia would be more appropriate. I am terrified of the hairbrush, I’m shuddering just typing it.

Worzel: Jay is not being overly dramatic when saying she is terrified of the hairbrush. This is something I want to resolve, but it can only be done when the time is right.

Non-physical – Strange I know, but I have these little quirks that say “oh I wonder what that’s like.”  Like corner time, or lines, or essays. Even little things like being made to say Sir. Like this –

Worzel – Did you do …….?

Me – Yes.

Worzel –  Yes what?

Me – Yes Sir.

Get the idea? Simple I know, but its one of those things that triggers my emotions and tingles.

Worzel: yes i know.

Well that’s what we want for the new year. What do you want to do?

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MMMMMMM flogger!!!

Oh yes!

I have just got in, literally been home for about 20 mins, from meeting Worzel. OMG!!!!

What started off as a quiet drink in a local pub…..soon became one of the most sensual experiences I have had so far.

Worzel has 2 floggers in the ‘toy bag’ and I have had minimal contact with each. Mainly on my arse or back.

Today, when offered the use of a friends house, oh wow!!  (It’s possible I am still on a high)

Today, not only did we play in a brand new place but I asked, ASKED for the flogger. WOW!!

Naked (apart from my odd socks) I lay face down on the bed. I felt and longed for each touch of that flogger. My body moved to meet its kiss. Not always, to start I just lay there and let it reach every part of my upper back. It is sooooo relaxing. From my neck to my socks, that flogger reached every part, warmed every part. And not just with the flogging action. Worzel gently draped it over my skin, over my arse, between my legs causing me to arch, slowly up my back….so soft.

I asked him if he had ever flogged the front and it didnt take long for me to be lying on my back, arms behind my head, blindfolded. That was absolutly out of this world!!

If you have never been flogged on your breasts, or had a flogger drawn over your breasts I totally recomend it. From my breasts down to my socks, (yeah I know, I never take em off) painstakingly slow over my womanhood, dangling, teasing, caressing. I really had no control over my body movements. My hips rose to meet the flogger, my shoulders arched to meet it. It was bloody brillant!!! I think Worzel enjoyed it too.

Then Worzel said “And this is just a taster for next year!”

So I said, “What do you know about ginger, tiger balm and figging in genral?”

Roll on 2010!

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