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On emerging from the void

So I have returned from that scary place called Real Life.

Real Life is a scary place indeed. In the last three years …maybe four I almost lost my mum, her heart problems were more serious than I thought. I did two training courses which I had hoped would lead me to a great job/career but didn’t.

Worzel moved into the spare room. I got a job in a Plastic Injection Moulding (fire extinguisher parts, klaxon horn parts) factory which I enjoyed but lost due to lack of work 9 months later.

My dad had a mild stroke which took him a year to recover from, during this time we noticed he had started to have trouble keeping food down.  Oesophageal Cancer. Diagnosed in May, gone in October 2014.



Dad. 6/4/34 – Oct 2014

So I grieved, am still grieving I think.

January 2015 mum decided to put the house on the market. February 2016 the house is sold. Selling a house is stressful. Watching brother no#2 sell the house on behalf of Mum and not tell her everything for fear of stressing her out…is more stressful.

Worzel and I are renting a flat from my sister but even that is only short term. Right now we are sure that thing we wanted was in that box….but where is that box?? There’s so many boxes!!!

I have taken a job at a coffee factory which I am enjoying. The work is easy, for the most part the people are nice. The language barrier is hard. Most of the staff are Asian and speak Punjabi, and forget that there are only English speaking staff members around.  The two packs of free coffee each week are rather nice also lol.

Now that Worzel and I have our own place I find that I am craving spankings and other play. Usually I get my fix in the morning before work and again when I come home or before bed, although I think Worzel may not like the idea next week when I am on 6-2 lol.

We still attend parties regularly and travel up to Yorkshire for the bi-annual spank retreats as well as spend time with kinky friends.

Oh and I have joined the ranks of the mad English on their bicycles and purchased a nippy little fold up thing for commuting.

Until next time friends.




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