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Jackson 5 clips. He lives through his music.

Sorry but I really do love Michael Jackson.
Rest in peace Michael.

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Sad passing of a musical hero. Farewell Michael Jackson.

As I write this I am crying.
Michael Jackson has been a hero of mine for a very long time.
I love his music and despite dark moments in his career the man did a lot for charity and brought joy to millions through amazing songs.

Although I am too young to remember when he sang BEN I do have strong feelings about this one in particular.
It was played at my Nephew Ben’s funeral.
Its a very special song to my family and always helps us remember Ben and how he was taken from us much to early.

This one, Heal The World is a truly moving song.
I sang this as a solo at my school Christmas concert for three nights in a row.
My teacher said that the song must have been really important for me because I cried all three times.
It was the song that made me cry but it was also because my parents were too busy with their church activities to come and see the show.
My Uncle Alan came though….every night!
When he passed away my Auntie asked me to pick the songs for his funeral. I chose this one, plus some others.
This one still makes me cry because I love and miss my Uncle.

The last one I am posting here was also played at my Uncles funeral.
It was my Uncle Alan that introduced me to Michael Jackson since he was a huge fan.
This song was a favourite of both of ours and I can remember sitting with my Uncle listening to a random mix of MJ tracks and this one coming on.
Both of us went quiet and I started crying. At that time in my life I felt very alone and while my Uncle knew some of what went on at home he didn’t know everything.
He held me while I cried and when the song finished I saw that he was crying too.

I will always remember Michael Jackson and his music.
I feel very very sad and yes I am still crying.
Michael Jackson is still my favourite artist and probably always will be.

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