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Proudly marked

Yesterday Worzel and I attended a private spanking party to celebrate a friend’s birthday.

It was in a little basement/dungeon near Clapham Common. There was about 25 people there, most I already knew, some I didn’t. If I’m honest, the lack of space and amount of people did make me feel a little claustrophobic.

I was in my school uniform (my usual attire for a party) and it was cold!! Who in their right mind wears a knee-length skirt in the middle of winter……..oh yeah, me!

So there I was, smarty dressed in uniform, being my usual bratty self and getting spanked a little. defiantly not enough, but a little.

Mostly I played with Worzel. The parties are a great chance for us to get play together……its hard for us to get play between our schedules and such.

So, I got a few HARD thigh slaps for instant cheek, those hurt…..I moaned for ages about the marks…only in a joking way of course.

When Worzel decided it was time for my first warm-up I held back and ended up being dragged into the other room by my ear. (I like ear pulling really)  Over his knee I went, up went my skirt and down came my shorts, leaving only my thong to keep my modesty.  It was quite good actually, that spanking, because I got to watch S getting throughly whacked with P’s prison strap thing. It looked really really painful.

Ladies, here I must dispense a valuable rule. When over a man’s knee, check whether he is wearing lace up shoes. If he is, said laces MUST be undone and tied together…….without his knowing until he stands up.

I did this to Worzel yesterday, and although he swears he knew what I was doing, he’s fibbing. If he had known that I was tieing his laces together why would he have allowed me to stand and move into the other room only to be brought back by my mate Smartarse???  Ok I got another, much harder spanking for that little prank but it’s not the point.  The tieing of said spankers laces must be done!

There was this massive A frame thing, where the sub bends over it and gets whacked. I got put over that and got strapped and paddled (on the bare). Worzel was very mean, he started whacking me, then half way through he stopped and asked “how many was that”. I didn’t know I was suposed to count, he hadn’t said to, it’s not like I can read minds!  And the other people in the room, the one’s I thought of as friends, didn’t help at all, they kept adding extra strokes and calling out the wrong number! They shall pay!!!! (joke)

Then I got taken into the other room and told to bend over the vaulting horse. Not by Worzel, but I can’t remember the blokes name……lol how terrible is that?  He was very nice though, totally aware that I am a person and not just an arse.

So he used a riding crop, a paddle, a strap and some wierd little wooden thing that stung! I even asked “is that it” when he said to get up, so of course I got some more. He was very good and warmed me up nicely. At that point I wanted more and I wanted it to hurt.

There was this little 2 seater settee which Worzel had me bending over the back of for a dose of the belt..mmmmmm. At which point my mate Smartarse decided to help Worzel out by handing him two 2 tailed tawses and a bloody massive wooden spoon! Guess what Worzel did with those!!?

So by the time I was able to sit on Worzels lap to watch the organiser of the party get 50 with the prison strap I was kinda sore. That was an experience in itself. I’ve never really watched someone ‘get-it’ and I found it oddly mesmerizing and a little squirmy.  The woman who was strapping him was really going for it.  Then she picked up the cane… looked like a dragon to me.  Anyway, she started caning him and I noticed a little cut at the top of his arse…I looked away at that point.  I don’t like caning where people get cut. Next time I looked he had eight such cuts and I mentioned it to Worzel and D (the bloke who spanked me earlier – ha remembered his name now). They both looked and agreed that the show should stop now so they called to M to end it.

Most of the Spankers/Doms/Tops I play with are already known to Worzel and myself. I will not play with someone if I dont trust them or if I see them playing and they are too harsh.  I don’t want any cuts on my arse thank you….that is not what I consider play. Even when D was spanking me earlier, he noticed a bit of bruising and called Worzel over to check it out. Those are the kind of people I like to play with, the ones who care.

So the party kinda ended after that, and most people left leaving about 6 of us there. I had complained a little of a headache and Worzel said that he wouldn’t cane me then. But me being stubborn and knowing that Worzel likes to cane, well I said I was fine and that he could cane me if he wanted to.  So he took me back into the other room and had me bare bottomed over a bench for 12 with the dragon cane.

Worzel had me counting each one out loud, and by the second stroke I was thinking ‘this is not such a good idea’ but i was/am too stubborn to stop and admit defeat. By stroke 3 I was starting to break, by 4 i was crying. Worzel knew I had been lying when I said I didn’t have a headache but he was determined to give me the full 12. He was very careful and the last 3 were only taps really. I’m glad Worzel didn’t stop. I was embarassed that I was crying but I’m glad that he gave me the full set.

So now its the day after, and as per usual I have checked the state of my bottom in the mirror. I have a neat little set of tram-lines, about 6. I am a little sore but very happy. I dont mark often but when I do i wear them with pride.

I have a wonderful Sir, who knows my needs, likes and dislikes…….and my Sir knows his subbie likes a sore bottom the next day. I am a very lucky subbie to have such a Sir.

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Discriptive terms we use

Well it’s that time when I can’t think of anything to post about but know I have to because I haven’t in a while.

I imagine that I, like so many subbie’s around the world, have quite a few names for my Dom. They each are different and have different meanings and are used to express my different moods.

Worzel is what I use when I am in cheeky mode. It’s all fun, no harm done, and it makes me giggle.

Sir is what I use when I am in subbie mode. When I want to show him that I am listening, I do respect him and that he is in charge.  It also makes me feel very proud and happy and safe, that I have someone who I can call Sir.

Real name I use his real name when I am in serious mode. When I want him to listen and to get his attention, and let him know that I am not mucking around.

I am very lucky that I can call him these names and that he understands and accepts them.

Of course there are other not so respectful names that I have used in jest and that have landed me in hot water, and probably will again.

Old fart, dopey, silly, a couple of swear words that I will not repeat, twit, wally, tosspot, plank, twonk.

There are more but right now I can’t remember.

Of course, Worzel has a couple of names for me.

Jay worzel says: I use jay name when we talk real life stuff and when out socially together

Subbie worzel says: I say subbie sometimes when is just the two of us, and more when we chat on-line.

Jay-Naomi Walker worzel says: this is name not used often until now, but ideal for roleplay. Jay says she doesn’t like naomi….is that true I wonder! Anyway it does get her attention.

oh, and sometimes he says young lady. worzel says: Is what Sir’s say sometimes. A spanking or worse is likely to follow.

So there we have it. The names we call each other.

What names do you use?

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