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Thursdays session with Worzel.

Well i still can’t upload images and im getting fed up with smilies so this is a text only post.

On Thursday as my loyal readers would know, I had a session with Worzel.
We wanted to try a role play.

He was the guardian and I the A level student.
Ovbiously i had been in a bit of trouble. Smoking, drinking, disrespect, swearing, fighting. Grrrrrrr.
Well it kind of worked, cept i kept giggling.
Worzel is so funny when he is trying to be strict.

I actually liked the role play. And Worzel said he hadent realised that i would get into the charachter so well, or something.
I really was the bratty teenager….shocked….yeah I thought you would be.

So I got paddled and caned….sheesh that hurt.
Then we stopped the role play and just played normally.
Lots of lovely, chilled spanking with hand, ruler, tawse, looped cane. I nearly fell asleep….no joke.
I was completly chilled.
And he was being really mean and teasing me……and i dont mean in the mental way!

Then he had me over the piled up cushions for a dose of the cane. The Ann Summers cane.
I used to think that it was pathetic, but it can sting quite a bit.

I did have a major FIM moment a little later.
He was talking about hairbrushes (shudder), and i said that he could use a hairbrush if i could put his cock in a vice!
Not a very clever thing to say.
That earned me 12 extra strokes with the cane! Ouch!! I think I got a couple extra for swearing too.

So that was Thursday. Yes I know its short, but I just don’t feel like writing that much at the mo. Sub drop? Maybe.

Anyway, the next big event is on saturday. Another spanking party and this time we are taking Saffron as well.
It will be her first ever adult spanking so she will be totally safe with us.
Of course I have to teach her the finer points of bratting, the poor girl really has no idea!

Thanks to all who paid her blog a visit.
Thats all for now folks. Have a great weekend.

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Welcome to a new blogger!

Yes dear people. I am still here…..just about.
I can’t upload any pics grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
Just a quickie to say that tommrow i will post my account of yesterday.
But for today I would like to introudce you all to Saffron.

Saffron is another new blogger, and a good friend of mine.
Please, if any of you like my blog, do me a favour and pop by hers at


its in my blog roll.

Cheers guys. love ya!

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