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Let it snow

In honour of my American friends, who are struggling with the snow, here’s another little ditty to keep you going.

Oh the weather outside is frightful
But the fire is so delightful
And since we’ve no place to go (aha I know that look)
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

It doesn’t show signs of stopping (I suppose we could do something to pass the time)
Against my arse you are popping
As you swing the paddle oh so slow (I said slow!!! Slow!!)
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

When we finally kiss goodnight (oi! where’d you think you’re going?)
How I’ll hate going out in the storm! (too right, I’m staying in here.)
But if you’ll really hold me tight (Umm this is play, right?)
All the way home I’ll be warm (well my butt will be…)

The fire is slowly dying (Yeah right, I’m burning)
And, my dear, we’re still goodbying (There you go again, what wrong with my butt? You can’t leave me like this, I’m only half done!)

But as long as you love me so (Yeah, show me how much you love me)
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

Ok so that was the Brat version, but it made me chuckle.

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Spanking meme part 3

Right, this is the third bit

Have you ever…

Broken a toy (over someone’s bottom) during spanking play? Nope.
Switched? (been spanked if you are primarily a top, or spanked someone if you are primarily a bottom) Nope.
Spanked/been spanked on the back of the thighs? Yes.
Spanked/been spanked on the front of/inside of the thighs? Yes.
Spanked/been spanked on the breasts/genitals? Yes.
Wet your/your partner’s bottom to make it sting more? Nope. Although D did land a hefty whack on my wet bottom at the swimming pool.
Spanked/been spanked outside? Yes.
Spanked/been spanked in a hotel? No.
Spanked/been spanked in a car? Yes. Well technically it was a van.
Spanked/been spanked in a bath, shower or hot tub? No but hopefully one day.
Made someone do something/been made to do something they/you did not want to do? No.
Punished someone/been punished for not doing something correctly or refusing to do something in a scene? No.
Punished someone/been punished for a real life issue? Hell yes!!!
Used spanking “talk”? (i.e. “You’ve been very naughty,” “I’ll be good.” etc.) Yes.
Been involved in the acting out of a role play fantasy? No but omg how I want to do a school girl role play.
Been involved in the acting out of an age play fantasy? Is that the diaper thing? No.
Asked for/been asked for a spanking? Yeppers.
Made someone/been made to count the spanks? Yes… and had to say thank you afterwards.
Made someone stand/stood in the corner? Yes and I hate it. Its boring and lonely and scary.
Made someone stand/stood in the corner for more than 5 minutes? I think it was about half an hour.
Been provoked/provoked someone into spanking you by acting like a brat? Yes! Yes! Yes!
Deliberately disobeyed/had someone deliberately disobey, in order to get spanked? Lol, defiantly yes.
Kept a list of “infractions” to spank/be spanked for later? Yes and it seemed to grow all on its own.
Spanked yourself? Yes.
Spanked yourself at the instruction of someone else/instructed someone to spank him/herself? Yes an the more I did it the better I got.
Required someone to/been required to call someone Sir/Ma’am/Master/Mistress/Mommy/Daddy/some-other-variation during spanking play? Well technically when being punished I had to call him Sir.
Met someone specifically for spanking play? Not yet….
Travelled more than 100 miles to spank/be spanked? No.
Placed/answered a spanking personal? Does SpankFinder count?
Gone to a play party or club? No. The idea of being spanked by someone other than my partner kinda makes me cringe.
Participated in play with someone at a play party or club? No.
Spanked/been spanked by someone whose name you didn’t know? No, names are important.
Paid or been paid to spank someone? Nope but ….
Been involved in a spanking scene with more than one person at a time? No.
Spanked/been spanked by both men and women? (not necessarily at the same time)? No, well other than my mum and dad of course.
Spanked/been spanked on a spanking horse or some other piece of furniture specifically designed for spanking? No but I think I would like to try it.
Made videotapes of your spanking play? No.
Taken pictures of/had your partner take pictures of you during or after spanking play? Yes.
Admired your/your partner’s bottom in the mirror after a spanking? Several times, just to see the extent of the damage.
Spanked someone/been spanked nude? Yeah.. kinda made it worse.
Bought new underwear specifically for spanking play? Not yet but I might when I find him!
Worn fetish clothing (schoolgirl outfit, leather, etc?) I still have to buy the skirt and socks…er for my school uniform that is.
Worn fetish clothing in public? Well I did wear the blouse, tie and blazer at the pub.
Spanked/been spanked so that the spankee had trouble sitting afterward? Yup and its a great feeling.
Spanked/been spanked so that the spankee had trouble sitting the next day? Well he tried but I’m a tough cookie.
Spanked/been spanked so there were marks/bruises showing? Yep and they looked great.
Spanked/been spanked so there were marks/bruises showing for more than a day? Yes and I loved seeing the bruises change color.
Had to explain your marks to a vanilla person? Umm yes and it was hard.
Been involved with any of the following in connection with spanking play?
Restraint (ie. holding someone down, trapping their legs, etc.)?
Well D did trap my legs once because he said I was trying to run away. I wasn’t it was his imagination….. I was dancing of course!
Restraint with ropes, cuffs, scarves or other bondage toys? Not yet.
Blindfolds? Another not yet!
Gags? Nope and I don’t ever plan on trying one.
Nipple clamps/clothespins? No way in hell!!!
Icy hot or some other heat-enhancing cream? That’s mean, although I have given some to my brother and told him that it was after sun.
Ginger root or some other burning/stinging substance inserted anally? YUCK!! I HATE GINGER!!!
A butt plug, dildo or vibrator? Well since I only got my vibrator on Saturday….
Mouth soaping? Darn it I’m allergic to glycerin… isn’t that a shame…. hahaha.
Enemas? Um no.
Temperature taking? Sigh….no.
Cried/made someone cry from a spanking? I think I did once but I can’t remember when.

Well that’s it folks. It was a long hard road but I did it.

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