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Thankful letter ‘F’

Well its Tuesday again.
Here’s my ‘F’ list.

Friends. I am really thankful for all my friends.

Father. Yup. Defiantly thankful for both of these.

Forrest. I love going camping in the Forest.

Food. This one speaks for itself.

Flush. Hell yes.

Flame. It’s the second half of my name. It gives light. It keeps me warm and its pretty.

Flake. Love this choc, specially sprinkled on vanilla ice cream.

Fish. I love fish. both eating and watching.

Colin Firth. A great actor and very fine indeed.

Fingers. Without fingers, there would be so many things that I couldn’t do. Like play piano or guitar.

Family. Both RL and cyber, I’m thankful for both.

Fag. Yup, I love my fags.

Fact & fiction. Yup, thankful for both of these.

So that’s my list.
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Answers to these questions please.

OK so this post came from a conversation I had last night.

I can’t remember how we got on to the topic but it was quite heated and did leave us with some unanswered questions.

And you, my lucky readers, get to read this drivle and ponder and try to answer them.

That or it will just bug you all day.


We all know what they are, and no this is not the ‘what came first’ crap.

Chickens only have two purposes in life, or thats the way it seems to me.

To produce food.

And to become food.

But what happens to the feathers?

And what other uses do chickens have?

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