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Another Whitby trip

So we just got back from another spanking holiday and I am very sore…my bottom is ok, its my throat that’s sore.

This Whitby, in a way, was much quieter than the previous one. Not so many late nights partying into the wee hours of the morning, not too much daytime play either. But that didn’t matter, I had my Sir and we had quality time together.  There was another couple in our cottage this time and that was nice since we already knew them, there were also a single woman and man…but more on that later.

The best thing about Whitby is that there’s no one looking over your shoulder or you looking over your shoulder…and there’s no time limit so you can spend the whole day in your room playing and no one will say a word…except maybe “what a lovely squeal you have” or “are you always that quiet?”.  So when Worzel led me by the hand up to our room for a spanking or grabbed me as I was just getting up or coming back from the bathroom or even sitting on the sofa in the lounge and quickly being hauled otk, no one batted an eyelid.

The sound of skin hitting skin or high-pitched yelps are not uncommon or unwelcome at any time of the day or night….although I still think that disturbing your fellow housemates at 1 in the morning because you want to test out that tawse or cane is dreadfully inconsiderate.

The time away did give us plenty of time to talk though and we had a couple of very interesting discussions.  Worzel and I have been together for nearly 18 months now and are still going strong but there were some things I had trouble talking to him about…like asking for the level of spankings or the way they were delivered to be increased.  It’s all well and good when Sir will turn to me and tell me exactly what I will be getting and when and how but sometimes I don’t want to be told before hand, it’s the element of surprise that makes a nice change. It sets the butterflies off and the tingling in anticipation as he orders me to get upstairs, get undressed and wait for him in the corner or in position. Even though this thing we do is consensual, sometimes I would like it to be non-consensual…I mean I have already agreed to the spankings and I have a safe word that I can use when needed…its just that sometimes I don’t want to have room to wriggle out of a spanking.

That’s why communication is so important I think, if you don’t talk then how will you get what you want or need?  Well up until this weekend I struggled to ask for a spanking or to ask Sir to do that which I have mentioned above…I finally mentioned it at about 1 am on Wed morning.  I was safe then, he didn’t immediately jump out of bed to haul me otk but when we got up in the morning and were packing to come home I was taken otk and boy did I squirm….I think he only hit my sit-spots!

I had bought some bondage Rope which we did try out…it was quite fun being tied to the bed and flogged…spread eagle style.

The only downside to this Whitby trip was the brat in our cottage….and I don’t mean brat in a good way.  She had come on her own but was expecting to play with a specific male the whole time, unfortunately for us he switched cottages as soon as he got there leaving her on her own in our cottage.  Normally this wouldn’t be a problem because everyone gets along and plays with or talks to everyone else. Not this woman, she moaned the whole time about how she was alone and had no one to play with and how everyone was ignoring her because she was a single.  Absolute tosh……everyone who goes to Whitby gets on with everyone else, or so I thought.

She was also very rude and made a couple of very derogatory comments about Worzel and very physical…I mean like pinching. She kept pinching me and I don’t like that. I bruise easily and I have a quick reflex….at one point I managed to freeze after she pinched me but I still had to leave the cottage to calm down.

I can understand a little bit of bratting to get a spanking, but this one would brat well past the acceptable line and then when called on her behaviour would use the line “And what do you think you’re going to do about it?” but in a very hostile tone.  I don’t get that.  She got so wound up that on the Tuesday morning she asked someone to come pick her up to take her to the station so she could go home…but by the time that the guy had driven over she had changed her mind causing him a wasted journey….oh and she got spanked for it.

If someone is behaving like a spoilt child and going out of their way to get a spanking…even at the cost of getting on other people’s nerves or bratting someone they have no intention of playing with…why on earth would you reward them with a spanking? Surely the punishment of not getting what you want would be better?

Sorry, rant over.

Anyway…so Worzel and I had loads of quality time over those 4 days and neither of us wanted to come back.  It’s really hard when you are a couple but don’t live together.

Hopefully we will get to go to Whitby again in May next year and a couple of friends are thinking of hosting their own Spanko Holiday so maybe we’ll get to go to that.

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