Day one of being the only woman in the house.

So today my Mam finally went into hosp for her heart opp, so far so good. I’m actually relieved that it’s finally come around. Since November we have had 5 or 6 different dates and all have been cancelled or postponed which is a huge pain.

So now I am the only woman in the house and I’m trying to keep my Da from loosing it while trying not to lose it myself…no small feat I assure you.  In between answering the phone and lying/placating  people who ask to speak to my Da, who doesnt want to speak to anyone, sorting out my family on FB and answering their questions about visiting hours etc, making sure the dog is ok cos she misses her mammy… sigh…its hard.

We had our first mini crisis today. Dinner.

Da decided that we would have the boiled bacon joint, which took about 5 mins to find then we sort of argued about how to cook it because neither of us knew how. Then we argued over saucepan size and whether the joint had to be covered in water or just partially.  Both of us mentioned phoning my elder sister to ask her how to cook the thing but neither of us actually did because we are  :-

A. Too stubborn to admit we need help.

B. Too proud to ask.

So we eventually sorted it out and boiled the damn thing and had boiled bacon sarnies with mustard piccalilli mmmm yummy.  Then I escaped to my room to eat and laugh at my dog who was almost having a fit from the smell.

Tomorrow the plan is to do the weekly shop and not lose it in the supermarket…cos I really really hate shopping.

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One thought on “Day one of being the only woman in the house.

  1. Thinking of your mom Jay.

    Good luck with the supermarket shopping trip 🙂


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