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Whitby and relationships

Let me start by saying the visit to Whitby was a most enjoyable experience.
It was well organised, those whose attended had gone to have a fun time and it was very good indeed. Meeting the same people over several evenings rather than a few hours at a spank event, was an opportunity to talk with and get to know others in a relaxed atmosphere.
As for Jay & I, it was a chance for us to explore and do what we wanted without any distractions. Our relationship continues to get stronger and simply put: we are doing good.
I don’t normally talk about personal things, but is no secret what we have is a lot more than just a shared passion for spanking.
For male followers of the blog who maybe think Worzel is a lucky guy, let me tell you the only lucky part was meeting Jay when I did.
Building a strong relationship involves real life issues and there are times when things get stressed.
If you truly love someone and are determined, anything is possible, but you have to work at it
I love Jay.

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Whitby report part 2

On Monday night I took over the music for the party and was surprised that my choice was well received.  I was feeling a lot more relaxed so I was teasing Worzel a bit, tweaking his nipple to get a reaction.  That worked, I got tossed over his knee and my bottom bared.

Later that night as we lay in bed we discussed plans for the following day. I asked if we could just stay in while the others went out. I wanted real quality time with my Sir. Worzel heartily agreed.

The next morning we had a shower together……I think…..well I know Worzel washed me and my hair.  That was a big step for me. I am still very conscious of my body and I still have issues with it so allowing/asking Worzel to do something like that is a huge deal.  It felt nice…I don’t think anyone knows me or my body as well as Worzel does.

When we got back in the bedroom I set up my laptop and played my Classic FM at the Movies disc’s. Something I had asked Worzel about the night before was, “could we have some chill music while we play”.  It added an interesting element for me because it helped me to relax that much more.  So when I was over Worzel’s knee getting my warm up (more like toasting) hand spanking, I was able to forget everything else and just concentrate on my bottom getting toasted and the fabulous music.  It was a long toasting too…..he even trapped my legs at one point!!  I mean, it’s not like I’m a wriggler or anything…really no need to do that Sir! And there was certainly no need to bring out that ruler!

Once Sir was sure I was warm he piled the pillows on the bed and had me lay over them so that my bottom was nicely elevated and in prime position.  The blindfold came out (god I love that thing) and I was all ready for a nice long session.

Now the thing you have to understand about me is that I LOVE leather! I mean seriously, just thinking about tawse’s and belts gets me all tingly so you can imagine what typing about them does to me.  So when I felt the first crack on my bottom I knew it was the tawse!  OK it’s not the best tawse in the world but for now it works for us.  There are times when that tawse is the best thing in the world….and then there are the other times, but I’ll talk more on that at a later point.

So, there I was….bottom up over the pillows, being nicely tawsed, squirming in delight and moaning at appropriate intervals. Mmmmmmmm (pauses for daydream)….ahem, sorry.

Now the thing you have to understand about Worzel is that he LOVE’S to play with his subbie. He also likes to keep me guessing… when he switched from the tawse to a flogger it was very shocking.

I truly think that when floggers are being used that the victim….ahem I mean candidate, must be completely naked…….even odd socks have to go at that point!  Just the feel of it on your shoulders…back…legs and especially on the bottom, ooooh it’s like ambrosia! To have it trailed slowly and gently over every inch of your skin; caressing every nook….teasing every crease….it can be soooo relaxing …like massage….you close your eyes and slowly sink into nothingness…WHAPPPPP!  Then that happens……and OMG is it nice……like running through long grass and feeling that slight itch that doesn’t really itch but it feels soooooooo good.  Then you lay there waiting for the next whap…but he has changed his mind and is going to tease you with more brushing and soothing……until you could almost scream “FLOG ME SIR! PLEASE PLEASE FLOG ME!”

That’s what Worzel and his floggers do to me, and boy do I love it!  I’m fairly certain that he knows exactly when I am so chilled that he could do pretty much anything to me and I would totally enjoy it.  So when I heard his belt buckle and the familiar ‘swoosh’ as his belt was pulled from the loops I know I smiled.   From the first CRACK that landed on my bottom and the fire that gushed I was lifting my hips and pushing my bottom up to meet each lick of that gorgeous leather.  I heard Worzel say “good girl, lift that bottom up for me” and I know I grinned.  He doesn’t often say things like that but when he does I feel very happy and proud that his subbie is pleasing him.

It was soon after this delicious dose of leather that I had my first orgasm.  Not my first, first you understand! I mean my first during play.   That’s what made this session so special, that simple thing of reaching a point when your body judders and your mind screams “yes! This is what I want!”  OK so there’s nothing simple about it but my god! The after rush is electric!

I was pretty much spent after that and we could hear voices downstairs so we ended the session there choosing to chill and relax for the rest of the afternoon.

Later that evening we had to go out to meet a fellow spanko couple and drop of a Roger W paddle.  Not a shady deal…we did the trade in a pub…all very above board.  Whitby at night is a beautiful place. The lights reflecting on the water is beautiful…even if you have got a paddle that could outshine a cricket bat in your hand!

Once we got back to the cottages (we only got a little lost in the dark) we had literally walked through the door when Worzel was called upon to whack M.  They were playing some card game that doesn’t really involve playing anything….it’s just turning over the cards and the sub with the lowest card gets whacked…with the implement of their choice by the person of their choice. Only the amount is out of their hands as you have to throw a dice for that.

We joined in the game for a while…and for two turns I got the lowest card….they was rigged I swear! Predictably Worzel was busy for one of my turns so I chose a tawse (grins) and then picked TD as my deliverer.  I have never played with him before but Worzel had already said he was ok and I trusted him anyway.  So we trooped upstairs to TD’s room and I got my 6 which were very nice, if a little soft (This will be rectified at a party I hope).

Thankfully when I got the lowest card again Worzel was back so I was able to choose him…then I picked a cane.  That was excellent.  Over the school desk I was bent, and my bottom bared (apart from my thong). I will be more careful next time I pick up a strange cane…because that one stung!!

About 5 minutes after this public caning of my bottom Worzel said he was popping upstairs with H for a little play and would I mind making him a coffee.  Of course I didn’t mind, he is my Sir and I delight in doing things for him (she say’s with crossed fingers).  So Worzel left his cup at the back of the oven, all ready with coffee and sugar and all I had to do was retrieve the cup and add boiling water.  Sounds simple right? Something one does every day. Except this is me we are talking about.

As I reached and grabbed the cup my head connected with the overhead fan thingy and I didn’t say “oww” It was more like …quickly put the cup down, grab head, swear……and then somehow I was curled into a ball on the floor crying and hyperventilating.  Defiantly not what I had planned for that evening.   Next thing I know I am laying on our bed upstairs with O and G checking me for concussion!  Poor Worzel was so worried.  I think I was more scared than anything, but Worzel being the very protective Sir that he is, wouldn’t let me play anymore that evening. Which in hind sight is proberly a good thing since I had a headache and was feeling a little sick?

The next morning I was feeling better so Worzel decided to cane me before breakfast…isn’t he nice. the first picture in this excellent post is almost exactly the position I was in for my caning.  18 strokes with the dragon…and a few with the piddly AS cane. Gosh its times like this I realise how much I love my Sir.

All in all…….mild concussions aside…….our time away was BLOODY BRILLIANT!  We got so much closer and we tried new things and enjoyed almost every minute.  Neither of us wanted to come home and both of us are missing each other like mad.

All I have to say now is, Worzel, Sir, my bottoms is yours……..and so is my heart!

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