Maeve Aconite Advert.

I’m a regular kinky lady who likes to spank bottoms. 
I’m 36 yrs old, 6ft tall, brunette, glasses. 
I do not shout or seek to intimidate, I offer a relaxed session where you set the pace and choose implements and level. 
I have plenty of implements but feel free to bring your own. 
I do not offer role play as I cannot act nor do I offer happy endings or sexual favours. 

I welcome all levels of experience from ‘new to all this’ to ‘not sure’ even some ‘part timers’ and ‘old hats’.

I’m not a Domme i am a Spanker. 
I spank to your level, if its too soft i go harder, too hard i go lighter. 
You get to pick the implements ….if you dont like wood then i dont use it. 

Its not about me getting my jollies off by beating your arse 50 shades of red, black and blue …its about you getting a safe and sane bottom warming. 
I can leave marks but i will stop at heavy bruising and cuts. 
I like to use leather and i have a mean looking wooden paddle that is actually really nice.

I dont have a spanking bench, i make use of my living room furniture. I like to start with a cup of tea or cold drink and a chat to relax us both. Then its OTK to get you properly warmed up, then i might have you over the back of a chair or over the table. If you can do touching toes then you may find yourself in that position.

Do not message me with examples of what makes you ejaculate or scenarios I might like to consider, any such messages will be ignored and you blocked!

I charge £60 = 30 mins. £90 = 1 h. £160 = 2 hrs etc

Oh, you can find my ad and many many others over at or ITC. Or message me direct at

A recent client as very kindly written me a review.

Visit to Miss Maeve Aconite

Visited this lady recently for a bare bottom spanking, as advertised in ITC Magazine. Arrangements were made by email, excellent easy to follow directions to her flat where she spanks in a domestic setting. Maeve is a tall slender lady with a friendly fun loving approach to her work.  She asserted that she had personal experience of each of the implements she had prepared for me, very reassuring. After a few brief preliminaries, she commenced the session by instructing me to take off my shoes and trousers and go across her knees. Once in position she hand spanked me through my pants then applied some of her implements such as a varnished paddle in the form of a butter pat, a leather strap, a razor strap and the blue and white paddle illustrated in her blog. She then pulled down my pants and repeated the treatment with the straps becoming much more stingy and effective. The real surprise (shock?) was the butter pat which she applied vigorously and accurately targeting the most sensitive areas of my bottom. After this warm up I was sent to face the wall with my hands clasped on my head then summoned for further treatment in the bend over position. Again, she spanked me thoroughly stopping from time to time to check progress. Finally, she introduced the kooboo cane. By agreement she allowed a lengthy pause between strokes to allow the full effect of each stroke to sink in before lining up the next. She doesn’t cane terribly hard (for example I believe she put far more into the straps she used), but maintains a high level of control and accuracy. The session ended with a rather reassuring hand spanking back over her knee. I left with a bright red bottom stinging with a warm glow, these are fading gradually but haven’t vanished two days after the event.

Maeve doesn’t play act or develop the CFNM aspect of her work, she delivers a thorough spanking tailored to one’s precise needs, she is patient and fun loving and good at what she does which is accurately described in her advertisement. What you read is what you get.


My home made wooden paddles as mentioned above can be purchased below.


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