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Sad passing of a fellow blogger.

Alex Birch of sadly passed away on Wednesday 24 feb 2010.

I have enjoyed Alex’s stories and I shall continue to read them for as long as google leaves the blog up.

R.I.P Alex………..tell God a few spanking stories will ya.

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a post about nothing in particular.

Ok so it’s been a week between post’s but that’s because I was planning to post on Sunday but had to take my laptop to the tech guys to fix it and they decided to keep it till today.

Two days without internet! I was sooooooooo bored and depressed. I got it back this morning and have been fiddling around with my new programs (typing this on Word…so nice to have a spell check) and catching up on all the HP fanfic’s that I missed.

Thankfully I had some DVD’s to watch and I re-read the ‘maid for all season’s’ books that I have. Written by that ace bloke Devlin O’Neill. Totally recommend them, they are great.

It also means that I can write my letter of resignation for work, I’m still off and frankly it’s their fault. What kind of place hire’s someone, keeps them on for 11 months and then realises that oops they don’t have a CRB so we have to suspend you without pay until it comes through?  CRB checks take ages!

In other news, I haven’t seen Worzel since the party last Saturday and its driving me crazy! I need a sore bottom……or a cuddle, a cuddle would be very good right now.

I’m looking forward to Whitby now. 5 days of spank filled fun with 30 other spanko mates. Will be so much fun, and I get Worzel for the whole time!! Oh and I am taking Spankopoly (created by Todd and Suzy at ASS) and I will do a review thingy of it….I might even do a day-by-day diary type thing while we are there. Providing I can find the time between all the spanking and such lol.

I have no idea what else to write now so this is where I end today’s post… that was interesting lol.

Oh, I did win the Euro lottery 2 weeks in a row. Nothing over a tenner but fingers crossed for the big win, would be nice to move out of my parents house.

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