A sensation fantasy.

The bedroom was bathed in the soft flickering light of candles, she could not see them but she could smell the powerful aromatic and intoxicating scent of vanilla. Lying on the bed her eyes covered by the blindfold she could hear him walking around to the stereo to put on some soft mood music.  He moved slowly and deliberately, every step had her trembling in anticipation. Soon the haunting sound of chanting filled the room and her head. Her favourite CD. He had something special planned for tonight then, something exciting and breathtaking.

Jumping slightly as she felt his strong powerful hands on the waist band of her jeans, she gave a soft murmur as he undid the button and slowly lowered the zip. His lips pressed to her navel as his hands expertly slid her jeans over her hips leaving her delicate lace panties in place. His gentle kisses traced the jeans down her long slender legs as he removed them first from the right foot and then the left, leaving a trail of loving kisses in their wake. She knew that she had goose pimples and just that simple act had stirred a warming within her thighs.

His hands slowly reached up to the collar of her blouse and she felt his fingers reach for the top button and unfasten it while kissing the opening that it created and following each pop of the buttons with his lips and warm, moist tongue. Purring with delight she felt the familiar tingles coursing through her body as he gently rolled her on to her back and slid the soft silk blouse away from her body. Her back arched slightly as he kissed each shoulder blade and knuckle of her spine as he unfastened her bra. She almost melted into the bed as he expertly ran his fingers and tongue over every inch of her back and down, down, down to where the top of her panties rested against her lower back. She gave a low moan of pleasure as his fingers slipped inside the elastic of her panties and eased them slowly over her bottom while caressing every inch of skin from the crown to the sweet sit spot and the tops of her thighs. The pleasure continued down her thighs to the crease at the back of her knees, heading southwards over her calves and down to her ankles, to the ticklish underside of her feet and to the back of each toe until her panties were no longer in contact with her trembling body. She couldn’t see what he was doing but boy, could she feel it.

She felt his hands on her waist, gently easing her onto her back once more he lifted her bra and slid it away from her body and then he was gone. One minute, two, it seemed like an eternity and she could feel herself becoming more and more aroused with each passing minute.

Just when she was beginning to think that he had finished he returned and walked to the head of the bed and gently lifted her right arm above her head. She felt something soft and silky being tied around her wrist and she gave an experimental tug only to find that the binding was tight but not painful. When he moved around to the other side and did the same to her other arm she gave a little shiver, this was defiantly new. With both hands securely tied above her head and the blindfold covering her eyes she was completely in his power. It wasn’t long before she felt her legs being eased apart and the same silky material being applied to each ankle as he secured them to the bed posts. Now she knew what they were there for.

It was soft. Starting down at her toes the soft thing was expertly and lovingly drawn over every toe and all over her feet. Up both sides of her calves, circling both knees and teasingly over her thighs. When it was passed over her inside thighs she began to moan in pleasure as it was drawn towards the tops of her thighs and her vulva. Gently tapping against her clit she arched her back and her breath quickened. The heat was emanating through her body, she was getting close. Now moving away and across her hips and stomach, searching out her navel and up to her ribs. Tickling slightly it only enhanced the pleasure and the tingles. As it reached her breasts she began to writhe and moan. Her erect nipples welcomed the touch and heaved with each stroke then as it was lifted away from her body she came. Juices mingling with perspiration she climaxed.

He allowed her to reach a new state of highness before changing to something hard and cold. Ice. Bringing out goose pimples as he ran the cube all over her hot body, dripping cold drops on her pert breasts her body welcomed the new sensation. Jumping slightly as it ran over her stomach he passed it briefly over her steaming sex and watched as she contracted and cried out in ecstasy. Again she came, hard and long.
The ice was taken away as he moved to untie her legs, her hands were left bound as he joined her on the bed and ran his tongue up the inside of her thighs. Flicking her clit back and forth and around in small circles, she couldn’t stop it, she was going to come again.

Feeling the weight shift on the bed and her legs pushed open further she knew what was coming and her body begged for it. That’s when he spoke. One simple line that told her that she was absolutely the centre of his life.

“Happy anniversary sweetheart.”

(first posted in Jan 09, this is a fantasy. I have yet to do any of this)

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