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Report 1#

As part of my corner time punishment I have to write a 10 line report on 6 aspects of my crime. My Dom thought that I should post them on here. I did’nt agree at first but then I thought that maybe someone else could learn my from mistakes.

Why I should drink in moderation

1. Because drinking to excess can cause health problems.
2. Because I am more likely to make a spectacle of myself when I drink.
3. Because doing so is in direct conflict with rule number 1#.
4. Because my Dom loves me and is worried about me.
5. Because I will save money if I drink less.
6. Because my Dom does not want to punish me all the time.
7. Because alcohol kills brain cells.
8. Because I could become an alcoholic.
9. Because there is more to life than an empty glass.
10. Because my Dom does not like it when I don’t do as I’m told.
So that’s report no.1

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First caning

The teacher at our school was fed up with our unruly behaviour and decided to gain control once and for all. Why did he need us all to have our own cane though? Of course yours truly behaved like an angel, I was the second to get into trouble!
As I looked down the table I saw that my best friend Michael was the first to feel the cane. I was shocked. What an archaic form of punishment! When my teacher moved towards me I decided that I just had to……..RUN!!
Across the room, out the door, hit the fire alarm and off school property.
Of course several people tried to stop me but I wasn’t going to stop for anyone.

(Dream cuts to family dinner)

Sitting next to my Dad and my R.E teacher (?) I squirmed when they asked how school went today?
Now should I sign my own death certificate or wait and fret?
Being a fairly honest girl I told the truth.
Dad wasn’t to happy but he said he understood why I ran.

A/N. I know it ends kinda suddenly but that is the nature of some dreams.

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