Back to school with Professor O’Neill.

Its that time of year again, the time when schoolies minds are filled are filled with thoughts of back to school. Of summer homework not completed.  Will last years uniform still fit? Will the teacher be the same? Will my knees fit under the school desks?  Perhaps some of them are even digging out there old school spanking stories to re-read before hitting the school events again.

Most kink events don’t break up there schools for summer break, they run right through…but one can dream right?

If you are looking for good adult school stories to read then one need look no further than amazon for a title called  A Maid for All Seasons by Devlin O’Neill.

I have had this for a good long while now and have read it many times, it never disappoints.  If you like sassy adult school girls (college) then this is the one for you.   The heroine Lisa Carlson is back again and still in trouble but this time its not just Mr Swayne but Professor Travis too.  Scoldings and spankings galore.

What are you waiting for??

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Classic Spanking

From my favourite film McLintock.  Although I am a huge John Wayne fan his spanking scene did nothing for me, his son Patrick however… right from when Miss Becky exclaimed “You wouldn’t dare!” 

Becky McLintock (Stefanie Powers)26

BeccyMcLintock  He should have continued hand spanking her though, instead he was handed a coal shovel. 


Thankfully I know no one who does this….if they want to get the point home they lift the skirts!

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