Finding pervertables at Harrods

When you pop into Harrods for a mooch and happen to spot a very lovely piece of decor and then say to your beloved “that’s handy, you could fit three subs over that.”  And with a smile he says “its a bit low, you’d need one on top of the other for it to be effective.”  And then carry on walking as if nothing happened.



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That, is the question.

When one does TTWD for any number of years does one go all out and buy all the necessary equipment or work with what one already has?

Image result for leather 3 corner sofaOur sofa at the moment is good for sitting on, which is what God intended but for those of the kinky persuasion a sofa is an extension of the kink.   The recipient is bent over the arm or back and bottom high in the air is dealt with in timely fashion. Sometimes the recipient is to lay face down across the length with only a cushion to elevate the target area. Sometimes if they are lucky they get to lay across a lap and given a modicum of comfort.  Yes the sofa is as good as a spanking bench any day.

Image result for solid wood dining table Perhaps you use your dining table?  If its sturdy enough there’s no reason not to, you can even tie the recipient down if they are willing (or if they are not).  I am sure a good few repentant tears have been shed on a dinning table, or kitchen table even.  Heck we all know that Other TWD happens on these tables from time to time.

Image result for piano stool Perhaps you are lucky enough to have a Piano and stool (or other useful stool)? Theses are lovely and versatile both for sitting or bending over.  The stool not the piano, though I suppose if its a grand then it might be possible.

With these things you also have the added bonus of not having to hide them whenever a vanilla comes to visit.  I can only imagine the excuses that have come up about a personal St Andrews Cross.

So does one buy or not?

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