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Finding pervertables at Harrods

When you pop into Harrods for a mooch and happen to spot a very lovely piece of decor and then say to your beloved “that’s handy, you could fit three subs over that.”  And with a smile he says “its a bit low, you’d need one on top of the other for it to be effective.”  And then carry on walking as if nothing happened.



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Attending the LAM event.

So Sunday just gone was the monthly London Alternative Market LAM event in London. (details on LAM site or fetlife).   We had not been to a LAM for at least 5 years, it was held in Clapham last we knew so it was nice to only have to go 4 stops on the train, makes for an easier home journey.   Our reasons for going were simple, I wanted a wooden paddle and we both wanted to mix in a different group.

At present we attend the Ouch spanking party’s run by the fabulous Natasha and Nick of Girl for Spanking. These are brilliant parties and we love them and the people there very much.  But sometimes one longs for fresh meat…err I mean new people.   (explore this site for party’s)

So we packed our day bags and headed into deepest darkest London armed with google maps and a postcode.    Now LAM has a market that runs from 2-6 and then an hours break until 7 when the after party starts, so anything you buy at the market, you can try it out in front of everyone.

On arrival you are given an arm band (I still have mine on lol) which tells people if you are market only or market and party.   From the minute you enter the doors you are hit with a wall of noise and bodies…people everywhere and all kinky (except the bar staff i think).   Gimps, pony girls, corset wearers (male and female)  Domme’s, Dom’s. subs, spankees and bottoms.  Masters and Slaves. TV’s, CD’s  and anything else you can think of are represented at LAM, both on the stalls and the punters.  And the stalls…..such a vast amount of kink paraphernalia, from leather to wood to rubber to lexan to metal to candle and a whole bunch of other things that I didn’t see.

Alas I didn’t find my wooden paddle, I did look but couldn’t anything that resembled the picture I have in my head.  I did buy a lovely leather paddle though…well, one side is leather…the other might be rubber…i’m not sure.

It has since been tested out, on me…at home lol.  I can’t wait to try it out on someone other than me.

Anyway, we mooched our way around the stalls…on 3 floors! There were some lovely floggers and lexan cane’s that caught my eye but that might be because they reacted to UV and looked so pretty.  Lexan does nothing for me, much too painful.

We did bump into people we knew,  the mighty Lofty appeared (8ft giant) whom we had not seen since Night Of The Cane in 2010 I think.  We saw people from the London Playworkers munch and at the party we sat with a group of complete strangers who were wonderful.   We didn’t play during the party for the simple fact that it was too busy and I was not feeling confident enough.  There were two designated areas for play, both with benches and St Andrew’s crosses all helpfully roped off…but the cues to use them were long.

To be honest it all became a bit of a blur as the night wore on, but it was immense fun and the people we were with were lovely.  The venue was amazing if a little pricey (£12 for two drinks), I know drinks are more expensive in London but I think that is a bit much, the venue was packed so they must have made a fortune anyway.

To sum up, we had fun but won’t be going again this year. Maybe we’ll make it a yearly thing who knows and I have a lovely new paddle for me and for me to use.

All events mentioned can be found on fetlife.

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