The Fictional Man.

What is it about these men in our fantasies that rings our bells?  What makes him so strong, so strict, and so dreamy?

They are the epitome of all that we desire. They for fill our deepest desires without ever touching us or seeing us. How is it that a figment of imagination can have such a hold on our hearts? They are but words on a page but they hold us captive until the end of the story, they hear our silent pleas for more and gladly oblige. They are always there, never wavering in devotion, never going astray, loyal to only one woman.  They are kings among men……..and yet they are not real.

Why is it that a mere fictional character can bring such pleasure, such pain, and such burning desire?

His attire is something that intrigues me also. Whether he is in slacks and a nice shirt or blue jeans and polo shirt, these men know how to dress and they dress to impress. It is a symbol of their power, like Samson and his hair or Zeus and his thunder-bolt. If a man was dressed in jogging bottoms and a baggy tee-shirt he would not get a second glance from me for he takes no pride in how he looks.

Thankfully the men in the stories that I read are all impeccably dressed.

His speech. The fictional man is learned and takes pride in his words. Never dropping his ‘H’s each word is carefully pronounced and skilfully vocalised. His lectures on correct behaviour or his scolding’s have me holding my breath. Is it possible to feel as though this man is speaking directly to me?

His posture. The way he leans on the desk or stalks towards his victim…..power oozing from his gait. This is a man who could catch you and toss you over his shoulder. This man would not think twice about lifting you bodily over his knee.

His age. He is ageless, never growing old always fit and healthy. This man who has muscles that ripple and wave. This man who could rival Arnold Swartznegger…..and yet his strength is not to be feared. He would never use his physical power to hurt you.

This man see’s what you do not. He see’s your beauty, your heart, your desires, your faults and he accepts you. You are his to care for, his to love, his to cherish. He has a desire to help you, correct you, teach you.

He has patience like no other. His love is unconditional.

This is the man of fiction, a man who exists only on the written page.

I cannot speak of all men for I do not know them all, I do know one……and he shares some of the fictional man’s aspects.

What need have I of fictional men when I have him?

My friend, my love, my Sir.


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One thought on “The Fictional Man.

  1. You do write some very good posts jay. As for fictional people, they dont exist and anyway what we have is so much better and its real. Lov you xxx

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