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Paddle testing and other stuff.

First off, no that is not a cast of my arse!
Highly appropriate pic though.

Yesterday i was running around like a blue arsed fly…………lots of washing was done……of dishes and clothes…..most of it while Worzel was sitting in the conservatory.
Yes I gave him the paddles…..two little ones and ‘The Mother’, that’s one of the big ones with holes.
I was sooooooooo proud of these paddles…until he started using them that is!

Picture the scene if you will :-
A dimly lit front room.
A Sir, calmly sitting on a straight-backed chair.
A slender and bare arsed brat draped over his knees.
A home made, perspex paddle known as ‘The Mother’, raised high over said bare arsed brat.
A clench of the cheeks, a crack of the paddle…once, twice…lost count…..
A paddle dropped onto the floor.
A paddle picked up by the brat.
A paddle inspected by the brat.

A paddle, ‘The Mother’ snapped on my arse!!
A brat and a Sir laughing!

The brat now lying prostrate over and armchair, bare arse pointing towards the chandileir, Sir weilding a cane that bite’s and stings.
6 strokes…..12 strokes…….she hiss’s, she yelps, she owwww’s.
He “Oh dear”.
The brat looks up from where she has slid off the chair.
Sir is holding his cane and frowning.
The brat laughs…..the Sir does not!
The cane is broken….3 inches from the tip has snapped and hangs on by a thread.

Oh what an apropriate picture I picked today.

Of course Worzel does a lot more than break his toys on my steel buns.
We also spent some quality time on the sofa watching X-Factor.
Yup, you heard it hear first. Worzel was made to sit through one hour and 15 min’s of X-Factor!
Who said you can’t get revenge on your Dom?

A couple of hours pass.
A little more spanking, a lot more talking, ton’s of brattiness!
Sir and the brat are stretched out on the sofa watching a DVD.
Our good, kind, sweet brat is….well she’s a little bored actually.
Thank heavens for cushions.
So useful for sitting on when one has a damaged arse.
So useful for hitting one’s Dom on the head with.
So fast the Dom at lifting the brats legs above her head and baring her arse once more.
So hard the hand that comes down upon her stretched cheeks.
So quick the brat to learn her lesson………….not.

Again the cushion hits Sir’s head, and again, and again.
Once again the brat finds herself on her back with her legs in the air.
Again the Sir’s hand comes crashing down upon her upturned cheeks.
Again the brat yelps and apologises but to no avail.

So a busted paddle, a snapped cane, a sore arse and a happy Sir.
Is anyone still in doubt about that pic at the top of the page??

Love to Mum, Dad and Worzel.

PS. I know the text is all muffed up but no matter what I tried I couldn’t get it to stay the same size……bloody blogger!!!

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