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Hmmm, what do i say after 5 days of silence?

The Albatross.
A solitary bird.

The Jay, a solitary woman/girl/brat.
Or at least I have been for the majority of this week.
Mam and Da went away for a week and left me in charge of the dog (penny), who at present is limping around on three legs and barks at spiders and mice, and the Budgie (Billy) who thinks he is a dog and barks at the slightest noise.

So I have had a very nice relaxing week, mistress of the house and all its inhabitants.
I have had no one telling me to get off the laptop and get some sun cos its good for me.
No one nagging me to do chores.
No one dragging me out of bed at stupid o’clock (before 10am) and moaning at me for wasting the day.
No one telling me to “turn that racket down”.
Ahhhhhh bliss.

So with all this spare time what have I been doing?
Well I’ve been getting up around 1pm, mooching around on the net, chatting in the bs chatroom, reading Harry Potter and thinking about a blog post……..thinking, not actually doing!!
I did spend quite a bit of time on my piano playing some new tunes, that’s productive.

I did have quite a session on Wednesday with Worzel.
Cooked him dinner and everything….course I didn’t eat much of it. I rarely do if I’m doing the cooking.
The before and after dinner spanking was very nice too.

On Thursday I met Roger in London for a coffee.
Do you know that there’s actual parks in London!!! I didn’t.
Roger took me to St James park and Regents Park.
Its like real parks, with lakes and ducks and squirrels and trees!

On Friday, today, I met a spanko friend in a nearby mall for a coffee and chat.
D is a lovely man and we had a really nice, relaxing time. More chat than coffee but it was nice to just kick back.

Oh and you know those ant bites and itches I’ve been having………well the pharmacist reckons its eczema so I got some creams for that.

So that’s my week.
Mam and Da came home today, grrrrrrrrrr early! I swear they tried to catch me out of something.
How was your week?

Love and hugs to Mum, Dad and Worzel.

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